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Hi. I'm Grace. I'm not a digital nomad or an expat or a solo female traveler. I'm just girl who realized I had a passion for travel. I worked 9-to-5 as an event planner and the best part of my job was researching the locations our events were at. So much so that I quit my job as an event planner and started working for an educational travel provider. 

Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I attempt to be as cute and creative as every other blogger out there.

I was previously an event planner and graphic designer (occasionally still am), and I originally started this site to share my daily projects and inspirations. After realizing my love for travel – it has slowly turned into a chronicle of my random adventures. Now I work 9-to-5 at an educational travel company, then head home and spend the rest of my day planning my next adventure!



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