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Oh my. So I have obviously not mastered the skill of keeping my blog updated while I'm busy with work. I just wrapped up our Board of Director's meeting which has kept me super busy the past month. The great thing though, now that it's done - I'll have a pretty stress-free workload until Convention comes next year!

So other than that, here's what's been happening lately:

Watching The Night Of. Just watched the season finale and I was so impressed by this show overall because of how real it felt and, to be honest, how disappointed you're left by the end of it. Is that a weird thing to say? I mean, I was happy with what happened with Naz and the trial, but the truth was that the entire trial changed his life negatively and he will probably end up in the system later in life. I thought it was a pretty accurate account of the American justice system.

Reading Well, the last book that I finished was Jojo Moyer's Me Before You. I wanted to continue my cry-fest and read the sequel, After You, but unfortunately it's checked out at my local library so I'll probably be waiting weeks until I get a hold of it. So instead, I'm reading The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. I decided to switch it up and read something a little bit less sappy and more suspenseful (think "Gone Girl"). I've only read two chapters but I'm enjoying it so far!

Designing You probably haven't noticed, but I made some small design tweaks to my blog - mainly changing the Squarespace template to Montuak in order to take advantage of it's excerpt feature at some point. Unfortunately, I'm running into a few glitches such not being able to preview my draft posts. So, hopefully I'll be be able to re-design around those issues.

Enjoying the weather cooling down. Okay, not that I don't love summer and getting my tan on at the pool - but I feel like I've been constantly hot and sweaty! DC weather has finally gone below 90 degrees so I'm really cherishing it (before I start complaining about the cold).

Annoyed About the recent iPhone software update. Not sure what happened, but typically I update my iPhone overnight if it needs to be updated. So, I did the same exact thing this time around and my iPhone reset to factory settings! Because my last back-up on my phone was a month ago, I lost a month's worth of photos (including my trip to Atlanta) and data. So. Annoying.

Excited About all of my upcoming trips! I'm be heading out to San Fran tomorrow, Blacksburg VA the weekend after that, Austin (hopefully) at the end of the month, Palm Springs in October, and finally (as if you haven't heard me talk about it enough) Asia in November.

Wanting a bunch of new travel gear. I got my new Deuter backpack which is perfect and now I'm ready to go through the rest of my wishlist.

Laughing at John Oliver. I was fortunate to score an awesome seat (Yes, singular, I sat by myself!) to his show at the Kennedy Center. Sometimes when I watch his show on HBO, Last Week Tonight, I feel too bogged down with facts and politics - but his stand-up was amazingly balanced - hilarious and poignant at the same time.

Thinking About starting a YouTube Channel. Okay, maybe this is a bad idea since I don't update my blog enough for my liking. But, while researching for our Asia trip, I've been watching so many travel vlogs which have inspired me SO much. Would love to try my hand at it and put to use everything I learned in my high school media production class. Heh.

Well, I've got two busy travel weeks ahead of me so hopefully I'll have more updates soon. Hope everyone is having a great hump day!