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My view in Baltimore for ten days and the main reason I disappeared from ths blog... could have been worse!

My view in Baltimore for ten days and the main reason I disappeared from ths blog... could have been worse!

Hello out there! I swear, I haven't abandoned this place. What have I been up to then? Keep reading below!

Where have you been? After Memorial Day Weekend, it was full steam ahead towards the busiest month of work for me. June is my organization's Annual Convention so, understandably as their Event Coordinator, I was swamped. I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland (not too far, I know) for 10 days for the Convention and spent a ton of extra hours in the office prior preparing. Anddd then I had 5 days off to try to recover (including a trip to my cardiologist!).

Where you able to do anything fun this past month? Yes, surprisingly I did sneak in a little bit of fun while killing it at work. Memorial Day Weekend we spent in Ocean City, we went to DC's Summerfest, and we went to see Dave Matthews Band at Jiffy Lube Live.

What else is going on? Work-wise, I'm wrapping up reports for the Convention (which was a huge success) and slowly preparing for our next big event in August (Board of Directors Meeting). 

Blog-wise, I'm really starting to think about the direction I want to take this thing. When I first started it, I just thought I would figure it out as I go and I guess after these past few months, I'm still trying to figure it out! I'm also trying to figure out a better Squarespace template that allows me to add blog excerpts. So apologies if anything funky happens while I'm testing out new templates. And if you have a favorite Squarespace template or blog, let me know in the comments! 

What's upcoming? I've got lots of fun travel plans upcoming - Boston and Martha's Vineyard in a few weeks, taking an RV to Battle of Bristol, traveling to Palm Springs, California for work AND play, and taking a two weeks to travel in Asia (Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan).

In addition, August 13th marks the one year anniversary of my open heart surgery. Other than feeling absolutely exhausted from work, I'm feeling as healthy as a clam (err... that's not how the saying goes, but you know what I mean)! Hoping to rehash that story next month on the blog too.

But that's all I've got for now! Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. Have you ever had to take a long blogging break? How did you get back into it? Let me know in the comments!