The Best Balloons for Cinco de Mayo

What's the best way to signal a party? Catering? Cake? Sparklers? In my opinion... it's the balloons! I love using balloons as decorations because even if they're basic, they can easily transform a room. But now-a-days balloons can be anything from basic from homemade balloons like these from StudioDIY or giant balloons like these from Rock My Wedding

With Cinco de Mayo coming up, here's a round-up of some of the most festive balloons for your fiesta! Check them out below:

Cactus, $5.75 // Margarita with limes, $10.99 // Beer, $6.44 // Fiesta Letters, $23.99 // Chili Peppers, $4.99 // Sombrero, $2.98

Also, I searched far and wide but unfortunately a taco balloon has yet to exist. I'm going to have to figure out how to craft one ASAP!