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Every Friday I round up my favorite blog posts, articles, instagrams, photo shoots etc. that have to do with the events industry/event and party planning.

So let's get started, shall we...


I'm not the biggest Drake fan, but I love pop culture references! These "Drake on Cake inspired birthday cake macarons" from Sugar and Cloth are absolutely adorable and such a creative way to step up your typical macaron. I've never used edible markers, but they are on my list of crafty things to try next time I throw a party. I would definitely recreate them but with Taylor Swift lyrics (yes, I'm obsessed with Taylor more than your average person). 


How HBO Immersed Guests in the ‘Game of Thrones’ World, BizBash

So I've previously talked about how much I love Game of Thrones and would love to host a Game of Thrones Party. The season 6 premiere was last Sunday so of course HBO hosted a premiere party of my dreams. Their large scaled decor from the iron throne to backdrop of faces from the House of Black and White truly transformed the room into a realistic Game of Thrones world. Check out the slideshow here on BizBash.


A City-by-City Guide to Donating Food After Events, BizBash

Another great article from BizBash gives a shoutout to organizations that accept donations of leftover food from events in the area.  So happy they also included an organization that I just blogged about - DC Central Kitchen. It is so important now-a-days to be socially responsible in everything you do and the events industry is no different!


Queen Elizabeth’s Party Planner Is Proud to Wear $35 Shoes, The New York Times

This article by the New York Times about Queen Elizabeth's Party Planner (her cousin Lady Elizabeth Anson) is fascinating. It's always fun to read about event planners who work in non-typical settings. My favorite part of the article is her 8 party tips because they are pretty spot on:

  • The invitation sets the tone.
  • Good parties don’t have to be extravagant. 
  • Good lighting is essential. 
  • Getting everyone seated.
  • Seat all the bores together. 
  • A round dining table is best
  • Pick up the phone. 
  • End a party when there’s at least 20 people on the dance floor. 

That's all I've got for now! Happy weekend everyone!

Disclaimer: The intention of my "Featured Fete Fridays" posts are to spread the creativity and inspiration of my peers and role models. If I have featured a post that you do not want shared here or if you think I have incorrectly credited the post, please let me know so I can amend the information as soon as possible. Thank you!