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Every Friday I round up my favorite blog posts, articles, instagrams, photo shoots etc. that have to do with the events industry/event and party planning.

So let's get started, shall we...

This week, I'm doing something a bit different for my Friday round-up. This week I'm going to be focusing on Coachella!

Okay, I know that many people see Coachella as their own personal hell, BUT as someone who works in the Events Industry, Coachella is one of those events worth paying attention to. And well fine... I'll admit I really do enjoy festivals and had serious FOMO while looking at everyone's Coachella pictures and articles. I've been to Firefly Music Festival a couple of years (though the last one was pretty bad and I ended up in the hospital... oops...) and am definitely dreaming of going to others in the future. 

Charging Stations

Charging stations have been an upward trend with events and conferences lately, but I'm surprised that some larger events (*ahem* Firefly *ahem*) haven't adopted it yet. Sharing experiences on Social Media has become a staple in event marketing so it only makes sense to make sure your attendees have the tools to do that. Of course, Coachella's charging station is a bit large (how many plugs are actually on that giant cube!?) for your average event, but you get the picture.

Image provide by BizBash

Image provide by BizBash


Global Inheritance Recycling Store

I always recall at the end of concerts/shows, the amount of trash littered on the floor. That's why I absolutely love the idea of a "Recycling Store" brought to Coachella by Global Inheritance. The basic premise is this: bring in empty cans/bottles and get rewarded. 10 empty bottles gets you a new cold bottle of water, 25 empty bottles gets you a Coachella poster, 75 gets you a Coachella tote, etc. etc. No doubt this helped keep the festival grounds cleaner!

Coachella 2015 Recycling Store and 10x1 Bottle Exchange
Coachella 2015 Recycling Store and 10x1 Bottle Exchange

Doppler Labs Here Bud Active Listening

Tech company Doppler Labs brought their Here buds to be tested by Coachella attendees. These earbuds let's you adjust the live noise around you to be more suitable for your hearing. So, if you're someone who loves the concert experience, but doesn't want to spend the night with ringing ears, this one's for you. Check out their kick starter video below to hear more about it.


360 Videos with YouTube

360 Videos on YouTube were originally launched in 2015, but are now making their Coachella debut this year. The idea of 360 videos is to make you feel like you're actually there among the crazy dancing crowds all from the comfort of your home. To explore the video, use your mouse cursor (if you're on your desktop) or your finger (if you're on your phone) to scroll around the scene. People watching is one of my favorite things to do at festivals, and this gives me that experience even if I wasn't able to attend! Check out one of the 360 videos below...

That's all I've got for today. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Disclaimer: The intention of my "Featured Fete Fridays" posts are to spread the creativity and inspiration of my peers and role models. If I have featured a post that you do not want shared here or if you think I have incorrectly credited the post, please let me know so I can amend the information as soon as possible. Thank you!