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So by now you have probably seen all of the Game of Thrones fans get super hyped up about HBO's newly released trailer for the season 6. Yes, I am one of those fans! Let's watch it one more time (or maybe like 100 more times): 

April 24th seriously can't come soon enough! But ever since I started watching Game of Thrones, I've wanted to throw a GoT themed viewing party. Does that make me sound super nerdy? Well, I'm not sorry! Unfortunately, the day season 6 premieres, we're going to be out of town for the weekend (seriously, who planned that?). So I won't be able to throw my party for the premiere, but will definitely be planning one for the finale! And it's never too early to start planning, so I've gathered some creative ideas below! Click the links under the images to go to the source of the image - some of them have DIY instructions, downloads, and more great photos.

Themed Invitations

Invitation Text

Weirwood Tree Centerpiece

Dragon Ceiling

DIY Iron Throne (Yes, really)

DIY Felt Dragon Eggs

DIY Metallic Dragon Eggs

House Banners

Raven Wreath (Don't forget to add one more eye!)

Printable Beer Labels

Wolf Bread

Ned Cake Pops (*sobs*)

Game of Thrones Snack Spread

Game of Thrones Tablescape

House Sigil Popcorn Boxes

Ommegang GoT Beer

Fire and Ice Cupcakes


Have you thrown a Game of Thrones party recently?? Link your ideas in the comments section!