INSTA-WORTHY: Visiting Washington DC's Renwick Gallery

If you've been keeping up with what's "hip" in DC, you've probably heard about the newly renovated Renwick Gallery. After being closed for two years, this White House neighbor now features the WONDER Exhibit. Deemed "Instagram Famous" by the Washington Post, the popular exhibit brought in contemporary artists to turn each room of the gallery into extraordinary art.

We took a trip to the exhibit early on a Saturday afternoon (this was back in December when the exhibit first opened) around 2pm and luckily didn't have to wait in line to get in. Almost an hour after we arrived though, there was a line out the door.

The art was truly larger than life, and yes, definitely Instagram worthy. While we were there, there was actually a wedding going on!

Unfortunately, due to the exhibit's popularity, the crowds really made the experience less than stellar. At first it wasn't terrible, but by the end of our visit the gallery security had created queues into each room. While it did help shuffle the crowds through, you weren't allowed to walk around the art freely. Instead, you had to stand against the wall while you waited to get into the next exhibit.

Overall, I did enjoy the visit though. I'll make sure next time I visit, I'll go on a weekday when it may not be as busy.

Check out my photos of some of the exhibits below:


Plexus A1, Gabriel Dawe

Volume (Renwick), Leo Villareal

1.8 detail, Janet Echelman

In the Midnight Garden, Jennifer Angus

Shindig, Patrick Dougherty

Have you visited the Renwick yet? A number of the exhibits close May 8 and then several close July 10th so better head there soon!