Gift Ideas: Get Well Soon!

I'm a huge fan of giving gifts (aka shopping, let's be honest). So I thought every now and then I would round up some of my favorite gifts I've given or gotten (or want to)!

This week's theme is Get Well Soon gifts! The past week I've been super sick. I definitely think the change of weather is responsible - the DC area went from 30's to 70's in a matter of days! Plus, I remember when I was recovery from heart surgery, I got so many amazing cards and gifts that really brightened my recovery time.

Send someone who's sick one of these great "Get Well Soon" presents:


• Teavana Tea Set - To be honest, tea isn't something that I normally purchase for myself, but when I'm sick, tea is such a great thing to have. There are so many great tea sets out there, just like this one from Teavana.

 Kate Spade Water Bottle - If you're sick or getting sick, staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do! Having a chic water bottle like this one by Kate Spade makes staying hydrated that much easier.

• Sherpa Blanket - One of the best gifts I received while I was recovering from heart surgery was a Sherpa blanket. The amazing softness was so comforting while I slept almost 12 hours a day due to medications.

• Mandala Magic Coloring Book and Colored Pencils - The word "Mandala" originally comes from Indian Sanskrit, but today it has become a generic term for any geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically. Mandala coloring books takes these patterns and turns them into exercises to relieve stress, focus the mind, and explore your creativity. Don't forget the colored pencils too! 

• Emoji Pillow - Send some love via emoji - an emoji pillow, that is! This pillow is not only unique and adorable, but super bright and soft - exactly what someone needs when they're feeling under the weather.

• Soup Set - Give the classic "Get Well Soon" gift, soup! Who doesn't love soup when they're sick? Pair it in a "Get Well Basket" with a cute soup bowl and crackers. 




What are some great "Get Well Soon" gifts you've received? Tell me in the comments!