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Meatless Mid-Month Check In

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'Ello All! It is officially past one month of eating vegetarian for the month. How are we fairing? Not. Too. Shabby!

To be honest, I'm not sure we're eating very healthy even though we've cut out meat from our diet. I was traveling for an entire week so a lot of meals were eaten out which ended up being a lot of pasta and...

PIZZA! Okay, I'm not really complaining... but I do feel guilty!

But I swear it's not all pizza (just a lot of it). Lunches end up being my healthiest meals because I'm always planning them ahead. So far I've done a lot of smoothie bowls:

I picked up a giant jug of Acai and a giant bag of organic berries from Costco and blended everything together with some flax seeds. Then I picked up whatever fresh fruit is on sale at my local Giant to top it off. I also picked up some Bear Naked Cacao + Cashew Butter Soft Baked Granola to add some crunch. YUM! Pretty proud of this one!

We have made a few veggie dinners at home. The easiest being veggie sandwiches made out of MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burgers. These were actually super delicious. Still can't believe I've convinced my boyfriend to eat a veggie burger though...

Lastly, one of the more adventurous recipes we tried was A Pinch of Yum's General Tso's Chicken. This was a HIT! I wouldn't go as far as saying the cauliflower taste like chicken, but it definitely reminded us of it. We paired it with some rice and vegetable pot stickers and it definitely felt like we just ordered Chinese take-out.


I will say that this recipe was SUPER laborious. I ended up not even making all of the cauliflower because I just got tired of cooking. Haha, luckily it did last us 3 days of leftovers.

So that is a quick update of our Vegetarian Month. I'm definitely surprised at how easy it is to cut out meat, but ONLY when eating in. It's definitely difficult to go out to eat with friends and not have as many choices as they do.

As far as how I feel? Not too much different than before. I didn't weigh myself or anything when I started this so I don't think I can report any actual statistics. I do have a better conscience though!