Spring Renovations: My Itty Bitty Outdoor Space

HELLO! So my little blog hiatus was a bit longer than I predicted since work and other personal responsibilities have been keeping my occupied. But now I'm about ready to be back in action! We won't be taking a time machine and rehashing the last month right now (eventually we will), but to ease my brain into blogging again I'm just going to share a little inspiration for the springtime.

First and foremost - I love living in Washington, DC (enough to name my blog after it). It is just enough "city" to be lively and exciting, but still allows room to feel homey. With that in mind, there is one thing I love and hate about the space I live in: our tiny outdoor space.

I love that we have an outdoor space especially since not many city dwellers get to boast that, BUT at the end of the day it is still a very tiny space. If you need a visual reference, here's what we're working with:

The picture was taken at the other end of the patio so where the picture ends is pretty much where our space ends. We haven't done much with the space since we moved in in September and the weather was starting to get cold anyway, but now I'd love to get the area more entertainment ready since we have Spring and Summer around the corner.

It isn't much to work with, but I have been perusing the internet to find some nice inspiration and there is actually a ton of great ideas out there. I've started collecting the ideas on my Pinterest Board, but check out my top choices for "City Patio" Inspiration below and why I love them:

From Top to Bottom/Left to Right:

1. Brick and Mortar Home Tour (Kate Davison + Jesse Hayes) - How cozy does this space look!? Of course string lights are already on my list of items to buy, but I'm also digging the plant life along the walkway. Our space has an area of soil for gardening so I'm inspired to test out my green thumb!

2. DIY Til We Die Porch Makeover - One of the main things I'm worried about with redoing our patio is the budget. I don't want to put too much money into it since our space is just a rental, but I don't want it to look cheap either. Here's where fabulous spray painted plastic furniture comes in! Check out this DIY and see that adding a little zing to inexpensive pieces make all the difference.

3. Ikea Inspiration - (Image no longer connecting to Source) - Plants. Plants. Plants. And more plants. That is all. (Can't guarantee I'll keep them all alive though)

4. DIY Cinder Block Bench - Like I mentioned earlier, I'm trying to be very conscious of my budget and so a full dining set isn't looking affordable to me. But after I came across this DIY, I thought it would be perfect for both my space and wallet. Cement blocks normally run from $1.50-$2 at home improvement stores therefore making enough seating for 8 (2 benches) would only cost me $60! Thats a steal compared to buying two benches at $100 each. Plus, I can customized the size of the benches I make to fit my space exactly.

5. STYLIZMO - The furniture may be from 2012, but I'm still loving this color scheme. I'm very dead set on having yellow (or a similar bright color) as the main color feature -  just look at how great the bright accents stick out in this example!

6. "Small Urban Balcony" Home Depot Style Challenge - LOVE this just because of the adorable puppy; he'd go perfect in my house! :) Just kidding... I really enjoy accessories used in the space. I'm definitely a sucker for small decorative pieces.

... I'm definitely dreaming of warmer weather now and drinks on the patio! Make sure you click the links above to see additional photos and even some tutorials. There were so many different elements I found that I'd like to merge into one and hopefully make a perfect little outdoor space for us.

If you have any other great patio ideas - send them my way! :)