I Went to Adam's Morgan and DIDN'T Black Out

Is my title inappropriate? Well, lets preface: I haven't been out in Adam's Morgan in YEARS mostly because I can't really stand the hordes of stumbling drunks out there (or is it because I'm sure I'd be one of those stumbling drunks out there?). Sure, it was fun back in the college days but I'm much more of a fan of other DC areas now (does that make me sound pretentious? sowweeee).

There is one reason I have wanted to venture out to Adams Morgan and thats for the food. I'm pretty sure I've never seen Adam's Morgan in the daylight, but I've heard rumors that the area actually houses some of the greatest international food in DC. So when my brother suggested we go to the area to celebrate his birthday, I was totally down!

We ended up deciding to go to Sakuramen which is apparently one of the top ten best ramen bars in DC. The only other ramen bar I've been to is Toki Underground which everyone knows as the BEST ramen in DC. Now I'm no food critique because I'm the least pickiest eater out there and whenever I see food (as long as its 90% edible) I'm just like:

so I'm not here to compare the two. All I want to say is that Sakuramen was DELICIOUS! I would definitely say the highlight of my meal wasn't necessarily the ramen (though that was delicious), but actually the steamed buns (we got the spicy sweet pork) and mochi (ice cream inside rice paste). These are also two plates you won't find at Toki Underground.

So let us take a moment to enjoy some Sakuramen foodporn:

Spicy Sweet Pork buns with lettuce and scallion

Chosun Ramen (Sliced angus ribeye bulgogi, roasted kimchi, seasoned egg, and nori in shoyu broth)

Mochi Ice Cream (Strawberry on the left, Mango on the right)

So other than the food, the service and atmosphere was nice. As is the layout of most ramen bars, the seating is very close to one another. Now this could be a bad (I was definitely eavesdropping on the girl next to me telling her friend she had to kick out her roommate) or good (three humorous gentleman telling me they always take pictures of their food too). Either way, our waiters payed close attention to us and we had a wonderful experience!

As I said, this is only my second ramen bar I've ever been too and I'm excited to check out the others in the area - especially Daikaya! And if you've been to any others worth mentioning - drop me a line so I can check them out!