Right now I'm enjoying a surprise 3-day weekend (thank you again, DC snow gods) and I'm thinking about what I did this weekend so I can blog about it. Well, since the BF has been up in DC for the past couple of weekends, I journeyed down to southern Maryland to spend the weekend down there. And what did we do? Sleep, eat too many girl scout cookies to count, and snuggle on the couch. Not that I don't love doing that kind of stuff, but is it summer yet? I think I'm going to gain 50 pounds and forget what the sunshine looks like if we keep this going!

We still have over two weeks until Spring so in the meantime,  I came across this cute article from Glitter Guide: "5 Date Ideas to get Over the Winter Blues." I thought the last idea from this article was SO cute: "Have a five course dinner... at five different places."

Obviously there are some logistical issues to this especially if you're dining in DC - i.e. traffic, trying to find a taxi, getting too drunk to continue on somewhere else, etc. etc. BUT if you stay in one area of DC then I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard. And plus, there are certain areas in DC that I have yet to explore in detail so this would be a great night!

Here's an example of a 5-course dinner trail right in my backyard (Eastern Market):

First Course:  Gotta try some greek-inspired cocktails at Cava Mezze! The plates might be small, but that doesn't hold true for their drinks. You can also get classic margaritas and mojitos for $5-$6 during happy hour.

Second Course: Swing by Senart's for their raw seafood bar which boasts a delicious shrimp cocktail as well as Maine lobster and oysters. If raw seafood isn't your thing, they also have other great seafood starters such as clam chowder and fried oysters.

Third Course:  Grab a not-so-typical salad at Ambar which serves a roasted squash salad that also has panko-crusted mozzarella, crispy bacon, and a pomegranate dressing...very intriguing.

Main Course:  Filetto al Mirtillo at Acqua al 2. Yes, blueberry steak. That is all you need to know.

Dessert Course: Knock out dessert AND after-dinner drinks at Ted's Bulletin with one of their "Adult Milkshakes" which are essentially ice cream + alcohol. If that isn't enough for you, try one of the hand made pop-tarts.

Just writing about this makes me want to run around to every DC restaurant and eat EVERYTHING... or maybe thats just the cabin fever getting to me? But lets be honest, if I had the chance to eat at 5 different restaurants every night in DC then I would totally do it!

What are the five restaurants/dishes you would want to have on your "5-course dinner trail?"