First of all....

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I love the good ol' V-Day! Trust me, its not because I've always had a significant other to spoil every year (actually, not including this Valentine's Day, I have only had one Valentine's Days where I was actually in a relationship). 

I really think we should look at Valentine's Day to celebrate your love for anyone and anything. Love ice cream? Go grab a couple of pints of Ben and Jerry's to down! Love your gal pals? Throw an awesome dinner party together with lots and lots of wine. Love bacon? Have a "Bacon Dessert Party!" Love Ryan Gosling? Spend all day watching Ryan Gosling movies (The Notebook & Crazy, Stupid, Love = MUSTS) and cuddling up with this guy!

So single or in a relationship, you will probably always find me enjoying Valentine's Day stuffing myself with chocolate, treats, and/or alcohol.

With that in mind, if anyone is late on their Valentine's Day treat making... here's REALLY easy Valentine's Day cookie you can literally make in 20 minutes (I literally made them before I had to leave for work at 7am this morning):

Chocolate Chip and Reese's Heart Cookies:

You will only need two ingredients:

  • Ready-to-Bake Cookies
  • Reese's Chocolate hearts

You will only [basically] need two steps:

  • Bake the cookies with the given directions
  • Press the Reese's (make sure they're unwrapped!) into the cookies as soon as the are taken out of the oven

Now this ain't no Julia Child recipe, but if you need some tips:

  • Make sure the Reeses are frozen first. This will make them press into the cookies easier and will keep the chocolate from getting melty on your fingers
  • Make sure all of the Reeses you are using are unwrapped first. This is so you can quickly press them into all of the cookies at the same time
  • The Reeses will probably get  melty from the cookies (as seen in my cookies above). You want the bottoms to melt so they stick nicely, but if you want to keep the cute design on the top then I would suggest popping them into the fridge before they get a little too melted.

And there you have an adorable Valentine's Day cookie all ready for your munching in less than 20 minutes. Gotta love cheap shortcuts!

I will be enjoying those with a glass of scotch tonight. I hope everyone else gets to enjoy their Valentine's Day too!