So as you may know, I work my day job as an event planner in DC and the holiday season is always a busy one for us! The last few weeks have been crazy busy with two of our biggest events happening on the weekend. This meant 6 day work weeks for me (and with my night job, they were 7 day work weeks)! Fortunately, these are some of the funnest events we have in the year so working all day isn't too bad when you get to enjoy the fruit of your labor (though, the week after is really  tough after not sleeping at all).

Here are some of the snapshots from our company holiday party:

Over-seeing set up during the daytime was a 3 floor task, but really exciting to see everything come together!

We had 3 stages in total. This was the main stage where our variety band played. It was definitely where I spent most of my time!

Our main centerpiece was GORGEOUS. It was surrounded by 4 bars.

We hired the Variety Band "Nightsong" who are ALWAYS amazing and get the dance floor up and dancing!

Since we have such a large number of employees, the party was divided into two different nights. That meant two nights of working overtime, but also meant that I got to try on two different looks for each night (

Note: I did wear the same shoes both nights though!):

Now, when I think about it... my job isn't that bad! There are definitely perks to being an event planner no matter how tiring it is.

But at the end of the day, I still always look forward to a nice long vacation which I will finally get to enjoy next week during the Christmas Holiday. I'll be home in the great state of New Jersey so look out for some "Joisey" updates. Afterwards, we'll be hosting a New Year's Party at our town house that will be filled with glitter and sparkles (my favorite)! So here's to an exciting end of the year!