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Yesterday kicked off


start of football season (aka the first Redskins game of the year). Unfortunately it was not the greatest start. Not only did we have a disappointing game (and lost to the Eagles), but I lost my first match-up of my fantasy football league!

Okay, to be honest - my fantasy football team isn't the main priority in my life. I enjoy playing not so much to win, but to spend some time with some of my favorite girl friends. At the start of the season, we plan a fantasy draft party which usually includes cupcakes and lots of wine. This year, we were unfortunately in the middle of moving so we didn't get to do a lot with the party. Basically we bought some hummus, bought some cupcakes (decorated them with hot men), asked everyone to BYOB and still had a great time!

In reality, what else do you need !?

I'm hoping that next year we'll be a little more settled so we can actually fully plan out a draft party. I already keep a

Pinterest board of inspiration

and there are tons of ideas I want to try out. Check out some of my favorites below:

NFL Potato Skins via

Food Network Magazine

Playing Field Table Top via

Hostess with the Mostess

Football Food Makeover: Healthier Super Bowl Recipes via

Whole Living

Pretzels in Brown Paper Bags via


Maybe we won't even wait until next year, and plan a Superbowl party instead! Either way, I'll definitely be keeping some of these ideas around. Now from here on out, all I can do is hope for the best for both my Redskins and my fantasy football team!