So, I'm a big graphics girl. In no means does this mean I'm an expert or I know anything about amazing design (okay, maybe I know a few things). I spent a lot of time growing up playing around on photoshop, making websites (what up geocities!?), designing graphics, etc. This led me to minor in Graphic Design in college and even designing items for few companies, internships, and events (which led me to my event planning career now).

Whenever I make anything I always get the same comments from everyone, "WOW, you made that!?" I wish I could do stuff like that!" And you know what? You can!

Okay, so maybe you don't want to spend $1000+ on Adobe products (I didnt either), but making pretty pictures is right at your fingertips! Just use your iPhone!

You won't have extensive tools on your hands, but iPhones have pretty nice photo and design apps that you can get for free. All those fun, inspiring images you see onPinterest? Like this:

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Yup, you can make those right on your iPhone (but make sure you proofread of course)! For example, here are two that I've made to kill time on my commute to work (which is normally what I do especially when I'm all out of Candy Crush lives):

So pretty, right!? And they were just made on my iPhone.

Now maybe some of you are thinking, "These little artsy photos with the stupid lyrics and stupid quotes are stupid. They're for teenagers who think they're cool and hipsters who think they're even cooler." Fine, maybe you don't like looking at pretty pictures as much as I do (it is a bit of a guilty pleasure). But maybe you're just looking at making a cool header for your next blog post. We can do that on an iPhone too! So I took this original photo (on my iPhone BTW) from the top of the Newseum:

Worked my magic through my iPhone apps... and there's the next header for my next blog post (btw, this is not the topic of my next blog post):

So not too shabby looking for not having a digital camera or any design programs what so ever (though if I was working on this on Photoshop, I would DEFINITELY Photoshop that ugly crane out of the picture)! So how does one do this? If you're still with me, click "Read More" to check out the 5 iphone apps that I use as well as some of my tips!

And if you use any other apps or have any other suggestions, leave a comment.

1. Camera  - Ha ha. Yes, I decided to include this here. this is obvious unless you've never used an iPhone (or any smart phone) in your life.

2. VSCO Cam - A more extensive Camera app. While you shoot images, you can also control the Exposure and Focus. AfteRwards, you can photo edit/use filters right on the app as well!

3. Instagram - I don't think I really need to say much about this one since everyone and their mothers' already have a favorite filter.

4. Snapseed - My favorite photo editing app on the iPhone. You can get detailed and edit your photos' brightness, contrast, saturation,etc. or you can just use their built in edits/themes.

5. PicLab - I use this mainly for the text since the four apps above don't offer text features. Plus, they have a great selection of fonts that go beyond Times New Roman and Helvetica! They also provide some pretty cool shadings, textures, and borders!

Ultimately, the trick is:

1. Be Creative - the issue with using measly iPhone apps to design/edit is that they are not the $1000+ Adobe Software. That means, you won't be able to edit every little detail like you would on any design software. So, you'll have to use your noggin and think of creative ways and shortcuts to get to the final product you imagined.

2. Use the Apps Harmoniously - I'll shoot with VSCO, edit with Snapseed, add text with PicLab, then post on Instagram. It almost seems like cheating, doesn't it?

3. Look at Examples - To be honest, I'm not the most original person out there. I take a lot of inspiration from other blogs out there, from pinterest, etc. etc. If you're stumped on how you want something to look, make a mood board to inspire you. Of course, don't copy someone's work down to every detail but use their creative work to inspire your own!

I hope this post shows that you don't need to go to over-priced higher education classes in Graphic Design to make pretty images! All you need is your handy-dandy iPhone!