When we moved to our last apartment last year, we had high hopes for our set-up, decor, etc. We got to a pretty good point and then kind of gave up (there's only so much money you can spend at Ikea until you have to give up  because you need to pay rent).

So now that we're moving into a new place (a larger space too), I'm already making a wish list for everything we'll want/need (its a long list). But lately I've been trying to find inspiration for our living room. Now, the problem with my roommates and I is that we are cursed with clumsiness aka spills are pretty common in our household. So with that in mind, rugs/furniture/decor all need to stay away from light-colored, easily stained/dirtied items. So, the solution to this issue to decorate with light/colorful items  while keeping all our larger pieces dark (i.e. couch, furniture, rug, etc).

I put together some inspiration to keep in mind for when we finally move in (8 DAYS!):

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Since we have most of our furniture in tact (black futon from Target, TV stand/bookcases/coffee table from ikea, etc.), I'd like to focus more on decor this time around. So here are a few (affordable) items on my wishlist that will hopefully make its way into our new-and-improved living room (btw, we already have a black/blue/gold scheme going on which is why most of the items fall into that color scheme):

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If you have any other suggests of cute living room furniture/decor - leave me a comment! Can't wait to finally move in and spruce up the place!