Hello there, I'm Grace! I'm the creator behind Brighton and Brinley - my little corner of the Web where I try to be as cute and creative as everyone else on the internet.

I previously owned a blog called "Washington Grace" which focused on my life in Washington, DC.  Unfortunately it did not get a lot of updates due to the lack of free time I had in my life. I knew eventually I would love to revive it once I was able to dedicate more time and energy to it. Enter: Brighton + Brinley! 

I have always wanted to focus on events and entertaining, but was always restricted whether it was a busy schedule or small space. Recently I moved from my DC studio apartment that was about 300 square feet to a Northern Virginia one-bedroom loft that is over 900 feet AND I went from working about 60 hours a week to 37 hours a week. So with all of this new space and free time, I figured it was time for a new, independent project.

So check out my blog and portfolio and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. I am so impressed (and intimidated) by the number of creative resources out there, that I can only hope to add to it with my own bright personality! 

What's the meaning behind the name? The corner of Brighton Street and Brinley Street was actually where I grew up! I thought it not only rolled off the tongue easily, but it was a nice homage to my hometown! 


Travel is a big part of my life. Here are the place I've travel to so far: